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Efficiency Control Performance

Verado’s extremely light-weight design make it one of the most fuel efficient engines in the industry.  


Uses up to 50% less fuel than some engines comparable in horsepower.  

Verado is the world’s first supercharged outboard, and it’s engineered to be not just powerful, but smart.


The charge air cooler cools the compressed air entering the combustion chamber, resulting in unbelievable torque.


The supercharger maintains consistent horsepower, even when temperature and humidity fluctuate, delivering all the horses promised and then some.

Verado outboards ride like nothing else on the market - quiet, smooth, precise and powerful.


The first outboard with true power steering, eliminating torque and lessening driver fatigue.


Mercury Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) sends electronic signals from the controls to the engine and back, resulting in the precise shifting and throttle response you expect from your car.


Built-tough Verado outboards are engineered and tested so they run and run and run.


Engine Guardian uses more than 40 sensors to monitor functions of your engine, and display plain English alerts on your gauges.


Exclusive low-copper XK 360 aluminum alloy provides industry-leading corrosion protection.


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