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The Ultimate 150hp Four Stroke

Boaters spoke and we listened. The new Mercury 150 FourStroke is the toughest, smallest, and lightest 150hp four-stroke engine the world has ever seen.


Maximum fuel economy, smooth and quiet

Large displacement for “out-of-the-hole” performance

Compact and light-weight in design

The Sound of Silence

Want to sneak up on the fish or just have a quiet  conversation? Then the Mercury FourStroke is for you. An integrated idle-relief attenuator dramatically reduces exhaust noise. Engineered air intakes improve airflow. And an acoustic foam lining virtually silences overall noise from the powerhead.  

New Kid on the Block Performance

Mercury 40 through 150 hp FourStrokes gain a major performance advantage by sharing many attributes across the entire line, including in-line design that delivers smooth running, low vibration power and performance. Their Electronic Fuel Injection insures seamless and reliable startups and better fuel flow and efficiency, which amounts to less fuel consumption. Engine Guardian uses numerous sensors to monitor critical engine functions.  Mercury technology produces a FourStroke that is more durable, more reliable, quieter and cleaner than the competition. And the prices will surprise you.

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The only outboard with a 3-year corrosion warranty

Fully tested in all conditions for all-around performances

Fewer moving parts for greater reliability

Best-in-class charger for longer battery life

More stainless steel parts for greater longevity

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