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Tournament Tested

Thousands of bass pros turn to the Optimax Pro XS to get the job done, and both the FLW and B.A.S.S. Tournament series have made it the official sponsor of their events. No other outboard has as many victories in professional bass tournaments as Optimax Pro XS.  Optimax is the choice of the pros.

Designed to Fly

The Optimax two-stage direct injection system makes it the quickest, most responsive DI in existence. High performance carbon fiber reeds control airflow into the crankcase for improved response and performance. And a higher wide-open throttle rpm means a startling top speed.

Geared Up

Look beneath the water to see more of why the Pro XS is the choice of so many anglers. Mercury leads the industry in expertise in gearcase design and hydrodynamics. The Torque Master gearcase has a larger propshaft for increased durability, patented front water pickups for better cooling, and a cambered skeg for better handling. The flat, rather than pointed, design helps eliminate snagging and facilitates water pickup. All these features make the Torque Master one of the most hydrodynamically efficient lower units available.


The Direct Injection system on the Optimax Pro XS boasts the industry’s most complete fuel-and-air atomization, with exclusive domed-shaped pistons that more efficiently direct the fuel-air charge to the spark plugs. The result is that while competitors are at the fuel dock, you’re still out on the water.

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